Book-1 Chapter 7: Come Together – Overpopulation Myth

Lou’s interview with Dr. K. 

But that would promote overpopulation, right?

“That is a fallacy. Overpopulation itself is a fallacy. Mother
Nature works for people just as it does all other living things. The population
rises to the level that is sustainable by the food supply, that’s it.

In study after study it is clear that people have only the number of children
that they can feed and house, comfortably. All peoples desire the same thing:
a sustainable quality of life, the highest that they can achieve for their family.

No, that would not be an issue. But it would do something very remarkable
in the area of population. It would remove the profit motive from those selfappointed
population controllers. The ones who wage wars to ‘cull the herd’,
as they like to put it.

That term always bothered me, when used by them. In the wild, that term
means the weak or sickly die. But in wars it is often the best and brightest
that are culled—on both sides—while these parasites that promote wars take
a profit from it.”

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