Book-1 Chapter 4: Cry Baby Cry – Global Economic Planning

Conversation between Julie and Edie,(Dr. K’s wife ):

“Good. So tell me more about the project. JK said it was the
project idea that he was most interested in, when your professor
showed him the list. It sounded, to me, like it could turn out to be a
really tough thing to do though, to put together a working
demonstration of Work Units?”

“It seemed that way, in the beginning. But really, we have a good
mix of techies and business types on the team. That is making our
planning come together quick.”

“And where do you fit in that mix?”

“Oh, I’m neither – I’m in charge of the ‘outreach department’, as
Jonathan calls it. Right now, I’m researching local businesses. Looking
for one that would be good to partner with, for a demo. Once I come
up with about a dozen, I’m going to make the rounds giving them a
look at our plans for the project. I’ll basically be giving them a sales
pitch on how they would be contributing to the university, by
participating. I actually got forms, from school, that shows how they
will be able to put their help down as a tax deduction.”

“That should help you seal the deal. Good for you. I can’t wait to
see what you people finally put together. This has been such a part of
our lives, these past few years. It’s all JK talks about now. He is really
excited that he’ll be able to point to a real world use of W.U. a case
study, if you will, when he talks to people. In fact we’re going to be
back your way in a few weeks for the GEF meeting. Do you think
you’ll have something he could show off by then?”

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