Book-1 Chapter 10: Girl – Locations

Lou meets Miranda, at a safe location, the day after the Newport party. 


Lou parked in the lot at the head of Thames Street. The sun had
just set in a simmering orange and red glow. Getting out of his car, he
heard the exhaust pipes loudly ticking themselves cool. He never
needed to look at his speedometer to know when he was speeding.
That sound was enough for him to know. What Miranda had said and
more importantly the fear he heard in her trembling voice, had fueled
his drive from Providence in record time.

He headed up the steep side street, to the park where he and
Miranda had said good night, less than twenty-four hours before. The
street lights were not yet on as he reached the top of the hill. He then
increased his stride, instead of running. Stepping off the sidewalk and
onto the spongy grass of the park, he broke into a jog. He crossed the
park, kicking up the fallen leaves. He made a straight line for the
circular stone tower, at the park’s center. He stopped when he reached
the wrought iron fence that surrounded the ancient structure. She was
nowhere to be seen. He looked through the arches at the bottom of the
tower and spotted something on the other side. He followed the fence
around until he came upon her leaning against the fence. She was
dressed for the suddenly colder day in jeans and a hooded, suede
jacket. She looked up at him.


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