Book-1 Chapter 11: Nobody Told Me – Locations

Rusty asks about the shutters on the Federal Reserve building. 


The ceiling of the room was twice as high as the hallway ceiling.
Being in the corner of the building, it had windows on two adjacent
walls. Ronnie, Keith and Rusty fanned out and walked over to the
windows to see an even better view of Boston harbor than in the
reception area. Jonathan walked over to one of the oil paintings that
hung on the oak paneled wall. It was at the head of the massive oval
table that was ringed by sixteen gray leather chairs.

“I think this is an original… it is..,” Jonathan said as he examined
the painting closely.

“How’d they get this table in here?,” Julie asked to no one in

“They built it in here, piece by piece,” came the answer. They all
turned and looked back at the oak doors as they swung open. The tall
man, in his late twenties, dressed in Navy blue gabardine trousers
and a powder blue dress shirt with white pinstripes and white collar
and French cuffs, closed the doors behind him. “My grandfather
brought the carpenters over from Ireland to do the work.”

“So the table and these paintings are where you put your
profits?,” asked Ronnie.

“You’re only taxed on the gain. Each year they appreciate they do
so tax-free.”

“With all your art work, I’ll bet you wish you were in that
building over there..,” said Rusty pointing toward the building across
the street ,”… the one with the awnings sticking out over the
windows. Will they really slam shut in case the ‘Big One’ gets
dropped nearby?”

“That’s just an urban legend. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they
do actually close, in case of trouble. The Federal Reserve is in that
building and I’m sure they intend to keep what’s in there safe,” he
said with a smile.

“I’m Ross Hanson the third, I spoke on the phone with…”

“Me, I’m Jonathan”, he said walking over to Hanson. He shook
his hand and introduced the team to him.


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