Book-1 Chapter 9: Honey Pie – Locations

Lou leaves Preston’s  Newport party for some fresh air…    

Sitting at a table in the Chinese-style pavilion, Lou grew weary of
Hank’s company. They had been availing themselves of the services
of the bartenders in the old Tea House, for over two hours. Many
other guests had come and gone from their table in that time. But
Hank and Lou soldiered on, returning to the bar, time and again for
another round. Lou looked over to the bar to see what was delaying
Hank. Seeing him standing next to a pretty young brunette, in a
micro-mini skirt, he figured now would be a good time to push-off.

He managed to catch Hank’s eye as he got up from his chair, with
his half empty beer bottle in his hand. Hank continued talking to the
girl as he nodded to Lou. Opening the ornate patio doors, Lou felt the
moist night air come in from the Atlantic. He drew in a deep breath
and then closed the thin folding doors behind him. He shuffled down
the few steps to the gravel walk. The area was lit indirectly from the
bright lights that shone on the roof of the Tea House. He headed
toward an empty table that was near the cliff wall and sat down with
his back to the Tea House and the mansion. He looked out at the calm
Atlantic and watched the lights from a distant boat on the horizon.
The din of the party was well out of range now.

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