Book-1 Chapter 19: Piggies – Presidential Model

Preston persuades  Senator Clarke to ‘release’ Miranda:

“I’ve heard that before,” he shot back, still flipping through the
documents in the folder.

“She’s clean, it’s been certified and the documentation is all there.
And she’s just turned fourteen. Madame Reinar called her a very apt

“She’s only a B-cup?”

“We can have that taken care of, for you. We want you to be
completely satisfied senator. Why don’t you try her for a few weeks
and if she doesn’t live up to your expectations, well, we’ll try again.”

“Well, Miranda had been with me quite a while. She really knew
me. But, then again, she was getting on a bit.”

“Yes, that does happen. They lose that wide-eyed passion for
their work, after a time.”

“Not just that, all women have a use-by-date, if you know what I

“Oh, I couldn’t agree with you more senator.”

“Now this one…” he said holding up a nude picture of her from
the folder, “…she’d only be twenty-eight in two more terms.”

“Still a very serviceable age and just think, you won’t have to
share her, if you don’t care to.”

He looked at her picture. “Has she gotten her shots?”

“As soon as you agree to her, I’ll send word for her to get the full
Presidential Model treatments.”

“Because the little woman would just kill me, if I ever brought the
clap or something else home to her.”

“Understood senator. Do we have a deal? Will you release any
claim on Miranda and accept this girl?”

“You’ve got a deal.”

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