Book-1 Chapter 21: Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da – Carbon-Free Boat

Dr. K. sees the Kai Hau for the first time:


Hamish brought Dr. Kantos along on a visit to the boatyard. He
introduced him as ‘Thomas’, a representative of the Swiss venture
capital company. Although not at ease in this deception, Hamish
pulled it off. Getting to know the yacht, up close, was what Dr. K.
needed. He got the grand tour by the designer Brian and the skipper
Peter. Even though his main objective was to find a good spot where
he could stow away, his curiosity got the better of him, during the

Standing on the dock facing the bows of the catamaran, he was
intrigued by the large, eight foot diameter, twin turbines, one to either
side of the center cabin. Walking along the dock that ran beside the
yacht he paused and looked more closely at the turbine opening. His
eyes followed the lines of the sculpted fiberglass fairing from the
opening, just above and behind the leading edge of the bridge deck,
as it ran longitudinally, between the outer hull and the center cabin,
back to another fairing that swept down to the bridge deck’s trailing
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