Book-1 Chapter 24: Give Me Some Truth – Locations

Lou arrives for nighttime meeting:
Lou stepped out of the taxi and onto the sidewalk at the top of
the Annapolis City Dock. He looked over the top of the cab, as it
drove away, at the building across the street. Out in front of it, a lone
street lamp shone light on the old wooden frame building, through
the falling drizzle. The driver told him the place on the corner was the
tavern he wanted. He was running late for the appointment. It was
just after midnight now. He had been concerned, on the ride from the
airport, that the place might be closing. But the lights were still on
inside. He quickly crossed over and entered, what looked like a house
to him, albeit a large two story Georgian style house.

Just inside he saw that there were still many people in the place.
The well-worn wooden floor, reminded him of an old ship’s deck.
Accept for the electric lighting, the place was just as it might have
looked in 1750, when it first welcomed travelers to Annapolis. He
approached the hostess near the entrance and inquired about where
he could find the Bonner party. She called a busboy over and told him
to take him up to the ‘Blue Boy’ room. Lou followed along as the
young man wound his way through the crowded bar and up the
narrow wooden stairs. The floor groaned with every step they took
down the dimly lit hallway. Halfway down the busboy stopped and
opened a simple yellowed white door for him. Lou looked inside and
saw, across the little room, a spectacled man seated at a small round
table for six.

“You must be Lou? I’m Joe Bonner,” he said as he got up from his


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