Book2 Chapter 3: Happiness Is A Warm Gun – Human Trafficking

Rosie tells Davidson how she ended up in the ‘Most Deadly’ game:
“I stayed about six months with them. They always had something going on, in that place. Never outta drink, weed and ‘P’, of course. Everything was going good, until I went with them to a party in Auckland. I met a little limey bastard there. He was in town to sell them some stuff, ya know? And they fuck’n gives me to ‘im! Just like that,” she snapped her fingers,” like I was noth’n!

The next thing I remember, I’m waking up, on a damn yacht, that’s out to sea! The little bastard took me all the way to Thailand. I haven’t had a friend since I got on that boat. Even the ones I thought I had, before, didn’t have them neither, ya know?”

Brian shook his head, “No, they really weren’t. What happened to your brother?”

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