Book2 Chapter 3: Happiness Is A Warm Gun – Jungle Canopy Platform

Excerpt from page 52:
“Sure, sure,” he said. Then turning quickly around to Geary added, “Wait, wait, wait! You can’t do that! We don’t have enough room.”

“So make room,” Tom snapped back.

“Hey, Sonnie had a helluva time setting us down on that frigg’n net up there,” he said pointing up at the jungle canopy. “We didn’t take a damn limo to this party, like you mate. Look, three of us landed up there and believe me, it will only take off with three of us, not four. You were supposed to just find Miranda. Then, you were supposed to go back with the stiff we brought. Tell them you shot her and leave – the same way you came. That was the damn plan!”

“She’s light as a feather Brian. A lot less than what’s in the body bag. Come on, help me get her in the harness.”

“No, God-Damn-It! It’s impossible for that bird to lift off with…”
“I’m not going without her,” Miranda said in her child-like voice.

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