Book One – Dr. K. All That Glistens Is… Time

Chapter 1:     You Never Give Me Your Money

Dr. K. lectures on Work Unit accounting,( W.U. also referred to as Humanomics ).  Is this real or just fictional?      FIND OUT

He also mentions the Federal Reserve Act, what is it?     FIND OUT

He says that the USA’s money is NOT money but a Debt Based Currency, is that true?  FIND OUT

Chapter 2:    Watching the Wheels

Chapter 3:    (Just Like) Starting Over

Lou works for  Omni Orion Group (OOG). What is a global media conglomerate?     FIND OUT

Chapter 4:    Cry Baby Cry

Dr. K. plans to attend the GEF, are there real meetings where global economics are       discussed/planned?     FIND OUT

Chapter 5:    Yellow Submarine

Chapter 6:    Revolution

Dr. K. talks about people thinking / discovering the same new invention at the same time. How     can  this happen, what is it really?     FIND OUT

Chapter 7:    Come Together

Lou’s interview with Dr. K. mentions NAZI Germany helped themselves to their neighbor’s gold reserves. Is this true?     FIND OUT 

Dr. K also states that ‘Overpopulation itself is a fallacy’, is he right?     FIND OUT

Julie and the other students with her on the W.U. project team come up with a biometric card. Is that really possible?     FIND OUT

Chapter 8:     Think For Yourself

Chapter 9:    Honey Pie

Preston’s party is held at a location in Newport Rhode Island, is it a real place?     FIND OUT

Chapter 10:    Girl

Lou meets Miranda, at a safe location in Newport. Is it a real place?     FIND OUT

Dr. K. warns Lou about Miranda and explains what being ‘patched’ means. Is it real?   FIND OUT

Chapter 11:     Nobody Told Me

Rusty asks if the shutters on the Federal Reserve building close in case of the ‘Big One’. Do they? FIND OUT

Chapter 12:     Bring on the Lucie (Freeda People)

Dr. K, speaking to a senate committee, mentions that the FED distributes a debt-based currency through a banking network. Is that true?     FIND OUT

Chapter 13:    Scared

Lou’s new story names Iceland as the first country to accept WU. What has Iceland done about their country’s banking system?     FIND OUT

Chapter 14:    How?

Chapter 15:    A Day in the Life

Chapter 16:     Imagine

On the private South Pacific island, Dr. K. is taken to a berm home. What is that? FIND OUT

Dr. K. rides in a car, powered via a wireless power distribution grid. Is that possible? FIND OUT

Dr. K. attends a party where the other guests are life sized holograms. Is that possible? FIND OUT

Chapter 17:     Love You To

Chapter 18:     The War Prayer

Chapter 19:     Piggies

Preston offers Senator Clarke a Presidential Model in place of Miranda. What is a Presidential Model?     FIND OUT 

Lou tells Preston that ‘John D’s’ father was a snake oil salesman. Who was he talking about?     FIND OUT

In NZ, Dr. K. is shown a wind and solar powered catamaran yacht. Do they exist?      FIND OUT

Chapter 20:     Working Class Hero

Chapter 21:     Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da

Chapter 22:     She Said She Said

Chapter 23:     Crippled Inside

Chapter 24:     Give Me Some Truth

Where did Dr. K. meet with the others in Annapolis?     FIND OUT

Dr. K. talks about thousands of gold bars found in a small village at the close of WWII. Is that right?     FIND OUT

Dr. K. says his father was in the CIC during WWII. What is it?     FIND OUT

Bonner tells Lou about ‘Project Paperclip’, what is it?     FIND OUT

Dr. K. says his childhood friend’s father was on the U-530 submarine that surrendered in Mar del Plata, Argentina in July 1945. It that true?     FIND OUT

Chapter 25:     Cleanup Time

Chapter 26:     Cold Turkey