Book Two – Dr. K. There’s No Place That’s… Home

Chapter 1:     The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill

Where is the jungle that Miranda is taken to?     FIND OUT

Miranda wakes to find herself entered in the ‘Most Deadly’ game. Is this a REAL game?           FIND OUT

Rosie learns she is ‘patched’ , just like Miranda. Do such implantable devices exist? FIND OUT

Chapter 2:     Let It Be

The A.I. team tells Dr. K. about their idea for a ‘Bottom Up’ democratic process. What is this?     FIND OUT

Chapter 3:     Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Chapter 4:     Baby You’re A Rich Man

Chapter 5:     The Magical Mystery Tour

Chapter 6:     In My Life

Chapter 7:     Rocky Raccoon

Chapter 8:     Helter-Skelter

Chapter 9:     She Said She Said

Chapter 10:     Come And Get It

Chapter 11:     Tomorrow Never Knows

Chapter 12:     Rain

Chapter 13:     Faster

Chapter 14:     Run For Your Life

Chapter 15:     Lady Madonna

Chapter 16:     With A Little Help Of My Friends

Chapter 17:     You Can’t Do That

Chapter 18:     I Don`t Want to Be a Soldier

Chapter 19:     There’s A Place

Chapter 20:     When I’m Sixty-Four

Chapter 21:     Mother

Chapter 22:     I Am The Walrus

Chapter 23:     In Spite Of All The Danger

Chapter 24:     Not Guilty

Chapter 25:     Woman is the Nigger of the World

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