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    Excerpt from Dr. K’s fast ride on the private South Pacific island.

    Dr. K. watched the man walk around in front of the car and open
    the driver’s door. He slid behind the oddly tilted steering wheel that
    rested its rim close to the dash. In a quick motion the man adjusted
    the big wheel down. He looked over at him. “Without that, I could
    never get my long legs under the wheel,” he said with a smile.
    Reaching for the dashboard, he pressed a red button mounted in the
    middle of the narrow band of shining, machine swirled, trim. Moving
    the black knobbed shift lever forward the car took off.

    Dr. K. sat up and leaned his head against the force of acceleration.
    He looked over at the red dial on the speedometer. It read seventy!
    The man looked over at him and smiled. “Quite the boot, eh?” It was
    even more so, by the fact that it was noiseless.

    The smooth road wound along the harbor awhile then led up and
    away into the interior of the island. The trees that he could make out,
    (those at a distance, the ones close to the road were just a blur), were
    lush green and tightly packed together. They came over a rise into a
    clearing where they passed by intersections of other roads, but they
    remained the only vehicle on the road.

    Occasionally, along either side of the road, they passed grass
    covered mounds with two story high, semi-circular, glass fronts. The
    structures appeared to be sculpted into the land. They were all very
    similar in size and all faced the same way. The car slowed and turned
    off the road and rolled over the grass right up to one.

    “Here we are!” he said as he again pressed the button on the

    Dr. Kantos looked over at him and asked, “Where’s my wife?”

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