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  • Book2 Chapter 2: Let It Be – Bottom Up Democracy

    The A.I. team tells Dr. K. about their idea for a ‘Bottom Up’ democratic process:

    “I get it! You get them away from that ‘company town’ atmosphere. They stay right with the people who elected them. They see them every day, they experience the same weather, the same traffic, everything. They are right there with them, not hundreds or thousands of miles away!” Julie said with a smile.

    Dr. K. chuckled, “Thousands? Sometimes they act like they’re from another frigg’n planet!”

    “Yeah that whole ‘company town’ thing is so screwed up. When did people start thinking that being elected to government, was just like being on the board of a company? They all think that the government is a business! They use accounting terms like ‘deficit spending’, ‘revenue’ and ‘balancing the books’,” Ronnie said.

    “Most of ’em are lawyers, too, not frigg’n accountants!” Keith interjected.

    “Exactly!” Ronnie agreed. “And just what the hell is the ‘business’ anyway?”

    “Us! They’re in the business of taking what we earn and spending it on what they, or the lobbyists decide. They’re surrounded by them all the time. They live in the same town as them, practically. Who would have more influence? Folks way back home, or people you see every day?” Julie said.
    “So then, we have everyone meeting at the local level, not the national level. If the rep is close by, then you can hold regular town meeting type things. People can attend in person, if they want, or log in, or watch on TV. And they use the SP-card to vote,” Rusty said.

    “Remotely, from wherever they are, at the time,” Dr. K. interjected.

    “You got it! The representative gets his ‘marching orders’ directly from the people he represents, before he casts a vote in the national arena. There is no way for them to get pushed around, by lobbyists or members of even their own party, for Chrisakes!”

    “You wouldn’t need parties anymore. I mean, what the hell good are they anyway? To force members to follow the party-line? Bullshit! Let them follow the will of the people, from now on!” Jonathan said loudly. To which they all raised their voices in agreement.

    Dr. K. leaned back in his chair and looked at their faces, as they went on talking. They were alight with a glow of passion. Their eyes sparkled, as a child’s on Christmas morning, standing before a stack of unopened gifts. He suddenly felt a comforting warmth, wrapping tightly around him. He immediately recognized the feeling. I needed that one, Edie. I miss your hugs, really I do, he thought.

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