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  • Book-1 Chapter 16: Imagine – Holographic Teleconference

    Excerpt of holographic party / teleconference, where Dr. K. meets his neighbors on the private island.


    “Danka. My original wartime research area was biological
    warfare. But when you discover what is harmful to the human body,
    you also learn the opposite. It is the duality of nature. When we
    established ourselves here, I put what I had learned to work
    improving the health and extending the life of us all.”

    Dr. Kantos dropped his fixation on the technical wizardry of the
    holographic imaging system he was standing in the middle of and
    jumped into conversation with Dr. Wagner. In turn the others also
    became the targets of his rabid curiosity. They were impressed by the
    breadth of his knowledge, as they answered his questions. From
    nurturing the body with hydroponically grown foods, aquaculture
    and select herbs, to technological areas of power generation and
    storage the discussion ranged. The little group encircled him as they
    talked on and on.

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