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  • Book2 Chapter 2: Let It Be – Locations

    Excerpt about location, in Greece, where Dr. K. and the A.I. team meet aboard the Kai Hau yacht:

    The resort town of Vouliagmeni lies south of Athens on the Aegean Sea. There berthed at the exclusive Five Star resort’s marina was the ‘Kai Hau’ yacht, owned by Dr. Kantos. The gold trim, on the black, eighty foot, power yacht, shimmered in the first rays of the morning sun. The flashes off the water, added to the light show that danced the length of it. The large twin wind turbine impellers, (mounted on either side of the central cabin structure), like the turbo fans of a jetliner, spun slowly as the catamaran rocked gently beside the dock.

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  • Book2 Chapter 1: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill – Locations

    Location where they play a ‘Most Deadly Game’:


    The Misiones Province is a small, sub-tropical protrusion into Brazil and Paraguay from neighboring Argentina. Forming its border with Paraguay to the west, is the Paraná river. Since late morning, starting just outside Posadas City, the steady rhythm and distinctive tone of a V12 exhaust had echoed through the river basin. Heading northeast on the two lane Nº 12 National Route, the bright red Ferrari California Spyder glided over the rolling hills. With its top down, the little roadster provided its driver with an uninterrupted concert, until it passed through the town of Eldorado. There the music changed as the car took a small side road, that led up into the jungle covered hills.

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  • Book-1 Chapter 24: Give Me Some Truth – Locations

    Lou arrives for nighttime meeting:
    Lou stepped out of the taxi and onto the sidewalk at the top of
    the Annapolis City Dock. He looked over the top of the cab, as it
    drove away, at the building across the street. Out in front of it, a lone
    street lamp shone light on the old wooden frame building, through
    the falling drizzle. The driver told him the place on the corner was the
    tavern he wanted. He was running late for the appointment. It was
    just after midnight now. He had been concerned, on the ride from the
    airport, that the place might be closing. But the lights were still on
    inside. He quickly crossed over and entered, what looked like a house
    to him, albeit a large two story Georgian style house.

    Just inside he saw that there were still many people in the place.
    The well-worn wooden floor, reminded him of an old ship’s deck.
    Accept for the electric lighting, the place was just as it might have
    looked in 1750, when it first welcomed travelers to Annapolis. He
    approached the hostess near the entrance and inquired about where
    he could find the Bonner party. She called a busboy over and told him
    to take him up to the ‘Blue Boy’ room. Lou followed along as the
    young man wound his way through the crowded bar and up the
    narrow wooden stairs. The floor groaned with every step they took
    down the dimly lit hallway. Halfway down the busboy stopped and
    opened a simple yellowed white door for him. Lou looked inside and
    saw, across the little room, a spectacled man seated at a small round
    table for six.

    “You must be Lou? I’m Joe Bonner,” he said as he got up from his


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  • Book-1 Chapter 11: Nobody Told Me – Locations

    Rusty asks about the shutters on the Federal Reserve building. 


    The ceiling of the room was twice as high as the hallway ceiling.
    Being in the corner of the building, it had windows on two adjacent
    walls. Ronnie, Keith and Rusty fanned out and walked over to the
    windows to see an even better view of Boston harbor than in the
    reception area. Jonathan walked over to one of the oil paintings that
    hung on the oak paneled wall. It was at the head of the massive oval
    table that was ringed by sixteen gray leather chairs.

    “I think this is an original… it is..,” Jonathan said as he examined
    the painting closely.

    “How’d they get this table in here?,” Julie asked to no one in

    “They built it in here, piece by piece,” came the answer. They all
    turned and looked back at the oak doors as they swung open. The tall
    man, in his late twenties, dressed in Navy blue gabardine trousers
    and a powder blue dress shirt with white pinstripes and white collar
    and French cuffs, closed the doors behind him. “My grandfather
    brought the carpenters over from Ireland to do the work.”

    “So the table and these paintings are where you put your
    profits?,” asked Ronnie.

    “You’re only taxed on the gain. Each year they appreciate they do
    so tax-free.”

    “With all your art work, I’ll bet you wish you were in that
    building over there..,” said Rusty pointing toward the building across
    the street ,”… the one with the awnings sticking out over the
    windows. Will they really slam shut in case the ‘Big One’ gets
    dropped nearby?”

    “That’s just an urban legend. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they
    do actually close, in case of trouble. The Federal Reserve is in that
    building and I’m sure they intend to keep what’s in there safe,” he
    said with a smile.

    “I’m Ross Hanson the third, I spoke on the phone with…”

    “Me, I’m Jonathan”, he said walking over to Hanson. He shook
    his hand and introduced the team to him.


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  • Book-1 Chapter 10: Girl – Locations

    Lou meets Miranda, at a safe location, the day after the Newport party. 


    Lou parked in the lot at the head of Thames Street. The sun had
    just set in a simmering orange and red glow. Getting out of his car, he
    heard the exhaust pipes loudly ticking themselves cool. He never
    needed to look at his speedometer to know when he was speeding.
    That sound was enough for him to know. What Miranda had said and
    more importantly the fear he heard in her trembling voice, had fueled
    his drive from Providence in record time.

    He headed up the steep side street, to the park where he and
    Miranda had said good night, less than twenty-four hours before. The
    street lights were not yet on as he reached the top of the hill. He then
    increased his stride, instead of running. Stepping off the sidewalk and
    onto the spongy grass of the park, he broke into a jog. He crossed the
    park, kicking up the fallen leaves. He made a straight line for the
    circular stone tower, at the park’s center. He stopped when he reached
    the wrought iron fence that surrounded the ancient structure. She was
    nowhere to be seen. He looked through the arches at the bottom of the
    tower and spotted something on the other side. He followed the fence
    around until he came upon her leaning against the fence. She was
    dressed for the suddenly colder day in jeans and a hooded, suede
    jacket. She looked up at him.


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  • Book-1 Chapter 9: Honey Pie – Locations

    Lou leaves Preston’s  Newport party for some fresh air…    

    Sitting at a table in the Chinese-style pavilion, Lou grew weary of
    Hank’s company. They had been availing themselves of the services
    of the bartenders in the old Tea House, for over two hours. Many
    other guests had come and gone from their table in that time. But
    Hank and Lou soldiered on, returning to the bar, time and again for
    another round. Lou looked over to the bar to see what was delaying
    Hank. Seeing him standing next to a pretty young brunette, in a
    micro-mini skirt, he figured now would be a good time to push-off.

    He managed to catch Hank’s eye as he got up from his chair, with
    his half empty beer bottle in his hand. Hank continued talking to the
    girl as he nodded to Lou. Opening the ornate patio doors, Lou felt the
    moist night air come in from the Atlantic. He drew in a deep breath
    and then closed the thin folding doors behind him. He shuffled down
    the few steps to the gravel walk. The area was lit indirectly from the
    bright lights that shone on the roof of the Tea House. He headed
    toward an empty table that was near the cliff wall and sat down with
    his back to the Tea House and the mansion. He looked out at the calm
    Atlantic and watched the lights from a distant boat on the horizon.
    The din of the party was well out of range now.

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