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  • Book-1 Chapter 24: Give Me Some Truth – Project Paper Clip

    Dr. K. explains his father’s role in WWII:

    Bonner added, “I did some checking through his service record,
    when we got back from Switzerland. He was in the CIC but didn’t go
    on, like a lot of them did, to join the CIA once that was formed by
    Truman in ’47.”

    “Why not?” asked Lou.

    “He was allergic to Nazi’s. Similar to my Grand Dad, who was
    under Montgomery,” Brian added.

    Dr. K. looked over at Brian and smiled for the first time since he
    started on this topic.

    “I still don’t get it?” Lou said.

    Bonner leaned forward, across the table towards Lou, “Paperclip?
    Ever hear about Project Paperclip?”

    “Yeah, sure, when they let in the rocket scientists. At the start of
    the Cold War it was all ‘our German scientists can beat your German
    scientists’ for a while,” Lou answered.

    “That’s the space race, he means the Nazi’s they brought over to
    work at the CIA,” Brian said.

    “Precisely!” Dr. K. said. “My old man must have known they
    were doing that. I think he smelled a rat from the day that Patton was
    killed. And that’s why he stayed on and retired from the Army,
    instead of going along to the new agency. He would never have
    worked alongside them, not him.”

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