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  • Book-1 Chapter 6: Revolution – Simultaneous Invention

    Conversation between Dr. K. and Lou:

    He put his glass down and went on, “Speaking of ideas popping
    into your head. It always fascinates me how many times you learn,
    that there were often multiple people working on the same invention,
    at the same time, in different parts of the world, sometimes
    completely unaware of the work of others. Why? How is it that all of
    these people came up with the same exact idea at exactly the same

    “So you think that, what? They all heard the same ‘voice’?,” Lou

    “No, not necessarily a voice, but they saw the same vision. A
    common picture came into their heads. That event set them, well
    some of them, on a path to see it realized. That is the ‘compulsion’ I
    was talking about earlier.

    That leads to a really interesting question, for all of us. What
    would you do if you were given a breakthrough vision of some sort?
    A cure to a disease, a way to grow food more abundantly, even a song
    lyric—whatever—would you take up the challenge? Would you see
    things through or would you leave it for someone else?”

    “That night, you had answers to those questions?”

    “No, not really. Once I began to grasp what the concept of WU
    could become, if it were to be universally adopted, I asked a different
    question: Why me? Why had this idea been shown to me? I didn’t
    want it because I could see it as being nothing but trouble for me, if I
    took it up.

    “So why have you followed through on the idea?”

    “That’s where Edie comes in. That next morning, after the allnight
    note taking session, she listened to me recite all the reasons I
    had initially came up with to not do anything with ‘WU’. A lot of the
    night before, I had kept coming up with more and more reasons why
    I should stop and just go to sleep—just forget it. Edie looked at all the
    notes and listened to me and then she asked me “How can you get rid of
    an idea?”. That just hit me—right between the eyes. She was
    absolutely right! I mean, once in your head, it’s there—unless you
    have some brain trauma or something.”

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