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  • Book-1 Chapter 19: Piggies – Snake Oil Salesman

    Preston asks Lou to join with him:


    Preston laughed and closed the door after Lou entered the study.
    “Even I, find some of the goings on, quite astonishing these days. Just
    when I think I’ve seen everything. Anyway have a seat and let me fill
    you in on my idea.” He paused as Lou sat in the same chair that
    Senator Clarke had, only minutes before. Preston leaned against the
    desk and folded his arms. “Lou, how would you like to get out of the

    “I never considered myself a rat, so that’s not an issue for me,
    Mister Van Touche.”

    “You know what I mean. And call me Preston. Wouldn’t you like
    to be certain of your financial future?”

    “Mr. Preston, coming from you, the new owner of my paper, that
    question can be taken many ways. Are you saying that layoffs might
    be coming?”

    “No, no, no, not at all. Well, maybe not… but that’s not what I
    mean, right now. I’m talking about you, just you.”

    Lou sat back into the thickly padded leather chair. “Who
    wouldn’t want to be certain of that? Isn’t that the reason people like
    Rasmussen have become as wealthy as they have, by using that
    universal desire to their advantage? You know, the whole ‘widows
    and orphans’ confidence routine. ‘Invest with us—guaranteed
    returns’ and all of that. Then the fund goes belly up and the owners
    skip town. It’s just a modern version of the same thing that old John
    D’s father was—a snake oil salesman.”

    Preston gave a slight smile saying, “Arnie would dispute that
    with you.”

    “Let him.”

    Preston looked at the blank stare that Lou was giving him. “Look,
    Lou… I know you’re very upset over what has happened to Dr.

    “What has happened to him?”
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