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  • Book-1 Chapter 16: Imagine – Wireless Power Distribution

    Andre tells Dr.K. about wireless power distribution on the island.

    “But why not put the batteries under the hood?”

    “I said nothing of batteries!”

    “The electric motors must get their electricity from something?”

    Andre stamped his foot on the grass. Dr. K. leaned over and
    looked at his foot. Andre pounded it again and smiled. As Dr. K.
    looked up at him he held out his arm and pointed off in the distance.
    Dr. K. turned around on his chaise lounge and looked in that
    direction. “See it there on the hill top?”

    “The antenna?”

    “That’s what one might think. But look closely at it. See the large
    ball shape at the very top.” Dr. K. nodded. “That can be seen from
    everywhere on the island. And it goes down into the ground by a
    multiple of its height above ground. Think of it as a kind of tuning
    fork. It has been placed precisely in that spot, because of the natural
    waves of energy that are there.”

    “So there’s a power station under there that…”

    Andre shook his head. Then he stamped his foot again. “This is
    the power source.”

    “Oh, geothermal…”

    He shook his head ‘No’ again.

    “Natural gas?”

    “The earth is alive with electromagnetic energy. Have you ever
    seen a time lapse movie of a lightning storm?”

    “The lightning goes from the earth out into the clouds, not the
    other way around. That rod taps into that power.”

    “But what happens when it runs out?”

    Andre smiled, “It doesn’t!”

    “But you still need to get that power to the car, to the homes.”

    “See the long antenna on the car. And behind you the berm home
    has an antenna. Each one receives all the power it needs from the one
    energy beacon on that hill.”

    “That is amazing; you could make a fortune with this

    Andre shook his head. “Many of the components have been
    patented or incorporated as subsystems of other patents. Those
    owners would never allow you to sell it… never.”

    “But this technology alone could help billions of people around
    the world. This would, in one fell swoop, negate military conflicts
    over oil resources.”

    “Ah, there you have it doctor. As I said, this technology has been
    known by certain principals, since the end of the war. And yet they
    have made no attempt to bring it to market.”

    “But why?”

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