• Book2 Chapter 3: Happiness Is A Warm Gun – Human Trafficking

    Rosie tells Davidson how she ended up in the ‘Most Deadly’ game:
    “I stayed about six months with them. They always had something going on, in that place. Never outta drink, weed and ‘P’, of course. Everything was going good, until I went with them to a party in Auckland. I met a little limey bastard there. He was in town to sell them some stuff, ya know? And they fuck’n gives me to ‘im! Just like that,” she snapped her fingers,” like I was noth’n!

    The next thing I remember, I’m waking up, on a damn yacht, that’s out to sea! The little bastard took me all the way to Thailand. I haven’t had a friend since I got on that boat. Even the ones I thought I had, before, didn’t have them neither, ya know?”

    Brian shook his head, “No, they really weren’t. What happened to your brother?”

    Page 72

  • Book2 Chapter 3: Happiness Is A Warm Gun – Jungle Canopy Platform

    Excerpt from page 52:
    “Sure, sure,” he said. Then turning quickly around to Geary added, “Wait, wait, wait! You can’t do that! We don’t have enough room.”

    “So make room,” Tom snapped back.

    “Hey, Sonnie had a helluva time setting us down on that frigg’n net up there,” he said pointing up at the jungle canopy. “We didn’t take a damn limo to this party, like you mate. Look, three of us landed up there and believe me, it will only take off with three of us, not four. You were supposed to just find Miranda. Then, you were supposed to go back with the stiff we brought. Tell them you shot her and leave – the same way you came. That was the damn plan!”

    “She’s light as a feather Brian. A lot less than what’s in the body bag. Come on, help me get her in the harness.”

    “No, God-Damn-It! It’s impossible for that bird to lift off with…”
    “I’m not going without her,” Miranda said in her child-like voice.

  • Book2 Chapter 2: Let It Be – Bottom Up Democracy

    The A.I. team tells Dr. K. about their idea for a ‘Bottom Up’ democratic process:

    “I get it! You get them away from that ‘company town’ atmosphere. They stay right with the people who elected them. They see them every day, they experience the same weather, the same traffic, everything. They are right there with them, not hundreds or thousands of miles away!” Julie said with a smile.

    Dr. K. chuckled, “Thousands? Sometimes they act like they’re from another frigg’n planet!”

    “Yeah that whole ‘company town’ thing is so screwed up. When did people start thinking that being elected to government, was just like being on the board of a company? They all think that the government is a business! They use accounting terms like ‘deficit spending’, ‘revenue’ and ‘balancing the books’,” Ronnie said.

    “Most of ’em are lawyers, too, not frigg’n accountants!” Keith interjected.

    “Exactly!” Ronnie agreed. “And just what the hell is the ‘business’ anyway?”

    “Us! They’re in the business of taking what we earn and spending it on what they, or the lobbyists decide. They’re surrounded by them all the time. They live in the same town as them, practically. Who would have more influence? Folks way back home, or people you see every day?” Julie said.
    “So then, we have everyone meeting at the local level, not the national level. If the rep is close by, then you can hold regular town meeting type things. People can attend in person, if they want, or log in, or watch on TV. And they use the SP-card to vote,” Rusty said.

    “Remotely, from wherever they are, at the time,” Dr. K. interjected.

    “You got it! The representative gets his ‘marching orders’ directly from the people he represents, before he casts a vote in the national arena. There is no way for them to get pushed around, by lobbyists or members of even their own party, for Chrisakes!”

    “You wouldn’t need parties anymore. I mean, what the hell good are they anyway? To force members to follow the party-line? Bullshit! Let them follow the will of the people, from now on!” Jonathan said loudly. To which they all raised their voices in agreement.

    Dr. K. leaned back in his chair and looked at their faces, as they went on talking. They were alight with a glow of passion. Their eyes sparkled, as a child’s on Christmas morning, standing before a stack of unopened gifts. He suddenly felt a comforting warmth, wrapping tightly around him. He immediately recognized the feeling. I needed that one, Edie. I miss your hugs, really I do, he thought.

    Page 39

  • Book2 Chapter 2: Let It Be – Locations

    Excerpt about location, in Greece, where Dr. K. and the A.I. team meet aboard the Kai Hau yacht:

    The resort town of Vouliagmeni lies south of Athens on the Aegean Sea. There berthed at the exclusive Five Star resort’s marina was the ‘Kai Hau’ yacht, owned by Dr. Kantos. The gold trim, on the black, eighty foot, power yacht, shimmered in the first rays of the morning sun. The flashes off the water, added to the light show that danced the length of it. The large twin wind turbine impellers, (mounted on either side of the central cabin structure), like the turbo fans of a jetliner, spun slowly as the catamaran rocked gently beside the dock.

    Page 26

  • Book2 Chapter 1: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill – Patched

    Excerpt from page 7:

    Miranda noticed that at the base of her neck, the woman also had the very same, coin sized, ampule. She pointed just above her breast bone, to her own gold colored disk as she asked, “Unless someone is going to refill this, you’ll never be free.”

    The woman looked down and touched her hand to it. She became distressed as she pushed on it and realized it would not move. “Well maybe…”

    “Maybe nothing, I wouldn’t believe a damn thing that bitch says.” Miranda stood up and walked over to her. “They let another girl out, just ahead of you.”

    “There’s three of us out here? What’s going on?”

  • Book2 Chapter 1: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill – Locations

    Location where they play a ‘Most Deadly Game’:


    The Misiones Province is a small, sub-tropical protrusion into Brazil and Paraguay from neighboring Argentina. Forming its border with Paraguay to the west, is the Paraná river. Since late morning, starting just outside Posadas City, the steady rhythm and distinctive tone of a V12 exhaust had echoed through the river basin. Heading northeast on the two lane Nº 12 National Route, the bright red Ferrari California Spyder glided over the rolling hills. With its top down, the little roadster provided its driver with an uninterrupted concert, until it passed through the town of Eldorado. There the music changed as the car took a small side road, that led up into the jungle covered hills.

    Page 8

  • Book2 Chapter 1: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill – Most Deadly Game

    A player arrives in style for the start of the ‘Most Deadly Game’:


    By noon time, the car pulled up to a hilltop hacienda. The driver blipped the throttle of the engine, to announce his arrival, just as he switched off. He listened to the sound from the tailpipes echo off the stucco walls of the sprawling ranch house. Getting out, he looked over at the other cars, parked nearby on the circular gravel driveway.

    Four black Mercedes stretch limousines were on one side of him, a Bentley Continental four-seater convertible, a Lamborghini Reventon Roadster, a Maybach 57S and an Austin Martin V8 Vantage roadster were on the other side, (also with their tops down). The man smiled to himself as he reached behind the driver’s seat of the Ferrari and pulled out a small travel bag. He carried the bag and the smile with him into the house. He was very pleased to see that he had won the first competition of the day. He had brought the most expensive car.

    The man servant, who greeted him at the door, offered to carry the bag, but the man declined the offer. He was then led out into the courtyard where a number of white linen covered, small, round cafe tables were set out. The man was directed to the remaining vacant table. A short, stocky man, in his thirties with shoulder length black hair and a thin moustache stood, just outside of the tiled area, where the tables were set out. He unfolded his arms and addressed the group.

    “Now we can begin this Most Deadly Game,” he said in a loud voice with a tinge of a Spanish accent. “The first thing I will remind you of is to respect the confidentiality and anonymity of your fellow competitors. Because of this, no names are to be used among yourselves today. You will be referred to by the number on the vest you have been issued. I, on the other hand, you may call El Capitáin. I now, direct your attention to the bag on the extra chair at your table. Please open it and I will take you through each of the items.”

    Page 9

  • Book-1 Chapter 24: Give Me Some Truth – Submarine U530

    Dr. K. explains how some NAZI gold left Germany before the end of WWII:

    “Over one thousand tons. By 1945 they had over ONE
    THOUSAND tons of gold in their bank. That was an INCREASE of
    over six hundred million dollars! In 1940, the whole budget for the
    United States was nine billion dollars. Just the increase in gold, that
    little ole Argentina had in their bank, was nearly seven percent of the
    budget of the biggest economy in the world. Now how do you
    account for that? Or that…” Dr. K. paused as he fished his hand
    around in the inside breast pocket of his blazer. He pulled out a
    folded paper that he unfolded and read from, “Let me see here,
    Switzerland increased their reserve gold by 106%, Spain’s went up by
    147%, Sweden’s by 184%, Turkey’s by 265%, and last, but by no means
    least, Portugal increased their gold reserves by four hundred sixty
    percent!” He then handed the paper to Lou.

    “They were all neutral during the war,” Bonner stated to Lou.

    “Including Argentina, where my school chum was born and
    raised by his Argentinean mom and ex-U-boat sailor dad. Now he
    and I once got into a very interesting discussion, back in school. He
    and I would often talk about it, whenever we got together, even years
    later. See he contended that the U-530 his dad sailed on was out
    making deliveries, before they surrendered in Argentina.”


    “That was part of their cargo, but he thinks that much more than
    that was going on.”

    “Why? Sounds simple to me, the Nazi’s load up some gold,
    before the Russian’s overran them in Berlin. They bury some in that
    mine and ship some out by submarine.”

    “That’s all I figured, too. Until Carlos started telling me about
    what he had picked up on as a kid, growing up around his father. For
    one, the 530 left Norway in April 1945, just weeks before the German
    surrender. But they didn’t show themselves until July 1945. Now that
    type of sub had a thirteen thousand mile range. Norway to Argentina
    is nearly seven thousand miles. If they traveled at ten knots, they
    would have gotten there in under a month. What were they doing for
    the other two months? Think about it! Germany surrendered to the
    Allies in May. And this sub doesn’t show up until July?”

    Page 366

  • Book-1 Chapter 24: Give Me Some Truth – Project Paper Clip

    Dr. K. explains his father’s role in WWII:

    Bonner added, “I did some checking through his service record,
    when we got back from Switzerland. He was in the CIC but didn’t go
    on, like a lot of them did, to join the CIA once that was formed by
    Truman in ’47.”

    “Why not?” asked Lou.

    “He was allergic to Nazi’s. Similar to my Grand Dad, who was
    under Montgomery,” Brian added.

    Dr. K. looked over at Brian and smiled for the first time since he
    started on this topic.

    “I still don’t get it?” Lou said.

    Bonner leaned forward, across the table towards Lou, “Paperclip?
    Ever hear about Project Paperclip?”

    “Yeah, sure, when they let in the rocket scientists. At the start of
    the Cold War it was all ‘our German scientists can beat your German
    scientists’ for a while,” Lou answered.

    “That’s the space race, he means the Nazi’s they brought over to
    work at the CIA,” Brian said.

    “Precisely!” Dr. K. said. “My old man must have known they
    were doing that. I think he smelled a rat from the day that Patton was
    killed. And that’s why he stayed on and retired from the Army,
    instead of going along to the new agency. He would never have
    worked alongside them, not him.”

    Page 363

  • Book-1 Chapter 24: Give Me Some Truth – Stolen Gold Reserves

    Dr. K. speaks of  the origins of his wealth:

    “How many bars?” asked Lou.

    “When we finally got through with all the red-tape and actually
    got in to see it, we counted 54 bars”, Bonner said.

    “Where did he get it all from?” Brian asked.

    Dr. K. emptied his glass and placed it down on the table before
    him. Still looking down at it he began to slowly rotate the empty glass
    with the thumb and index finger of his right hand. “Dad served under
    Patton, in the Third Army. He was there, in April 1945, when they
    rolled into the village of Merkers. He was in the CIC, a counter
    intelligence unit. Some of the locals, he talked to, let on that the Nazi’s
    had been very busy at a potassium mine nearby. They found sacks
    and sacks of money, coins and in a vault, thousands of bars of gold
    bullion, when they checked out the mine.”

    “He pinched the bars?” Brian said.

    Dr. K. stopped turning the glass and looked up at Brian. Before
    he spoke, Bonner interjected, “The gold bars that we saw in the safe
    deposit room in Zurich, were without any identifying marks. The
    gold found in Merkers was from the Reichsbank and had been moved
    out of Berlin. Those bars had identifying marks.”

    Page 361

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